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The first design we’re going to pour today is a monk’s head, which is just a dot in the center of the cup, really crisp and nice. We’re going to incorporate a few tips and tricks into this one, just to show you some things I’m going to be doing that really help me to pour a nice, crisp, symmetrical design every time.

Now, we’re ready. First things first, you can tap out the bubbles and crema just like milk. Give the cup a nice tap, and then swirl the espresso to get a nice, even palette in the cup. We’ll do the same into our milk. We’re going to tap, and then polish. The next little trick we have here is I’m going to break the stream after the filling stage, so I can get down as low as possible when I want to.

Now, the monk’s head we’re just pouring right into the middle and we’ll stop when the cup is full. There’s that dot.

This design is the basis for every design we’re going to pour. We learn things here, like how to get that nice, crisp center design and how to stay in one place and not just go all over the place. Having every motion be controlled and purposeful is the shortest cut you can make to pouring great latte art.

Having every motion and every step be intentional is the lesson of the monk’s head here.

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