Coffee mousse and pandoro desserts – recipe

Coffee Desserts
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Here’s a nice and quick recipe to use up leftover pandoro or panettone: the coffee mousse and pandoro desserts! Find this and many more recipes with pictures on the Giallozafferano App (in English)


In Italy, when Christmas holidays are over, we usually have tons of leftover pandoro or panettone… here’s a nice and quick recipe to use it up: the coffee mousse and pandoro desserts, let’s see how to make it!

Coffee mousse and pandoro desserts
(for 8 desserts)

• 6 oz (175 g) of pandoro
• 1 cup (250 g) of mascarpone cheese
• 1 cup (250 ml) of heavy cream
• just under ½ cup (50 g) of powdered sugar
• ½ cup (100 ml) of coffee
• ¼ oz (8 g) of gelatin
• ground coffee, to taste
For garnishing
• 8 coffee beans
• ground coffee, to taste

First of all, prepare the coffee mousse: soak the gelatin leaves in a bowl of cold water and let it soften for at least 10 minutes. Now take a cold bowl and combine the cold heavy cream… the mascarpone cheese… and the sifted powdered sugar. Now beat with an electric beater. That’s it, the cream and mascarpone mixture is whipped, now set aside in the fridge and go on with the recipe.
I’ve just made half a cup of coffee, it’s steaming-hot as you can see, now drain and squeeze the gelatin leaves and add to the hot coffee… stir for a few seconds until melted, after that let it cool to room temperature.
Here’s the cream and mascarpone mixture, just out of the fridge, and here’s the coffee, at room temperature, as I said before. Firstly take out a couple of spoonfuls of the mixture, transfer to a pastry bag with star tip and set aside for garnish. Now add the coffee to the mousse… and mix until blended… add a pinch of ground coffee… and stir until smooth, then we are ready for assembling.
Take the pandoro and cut into ½-inch thick slices, otherwise you can use crumbled pandoro. Cut out a circle the same size and shape as your dessert bowls, mine is 2 inches (5 cm) in diameter, but you should adjust the size depending on the type of bowl you have. Place a layer of pandoro on the bottom: if you like, you can soak the pandoro with liqueur, soaking syrup or, why not, with sweetened coffee. Now spoon the coffee mousse… into the dessert bowls, glass bowls are preferable… if you like, you can add more layers of pandoro. After that, place the desserts in the fridge to set for at least 3 hours.
Our desserts are cooled and set and ready for garnishing: take the reserved cream and mascarpone mixture… and pipe a small dollop in the middle… top with a coffee bean, or a chocolate coffee bean… a pinch of ground coffee, or cocoa powder if you prefer… and our desserts are ready to enjoy! A great idea for using up leftover pandoro or panettone… see you next videorecipe!

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