Ceramic Coffee Bean Hand Roaster for Superior Taste & IBS

In this video, I will be reviewing a Korean Ceramic coffee bean roaster: https://amzn.to/2DmpyTs . This ceramic coffee bean roaster by nuvo eco is used manually, meaning that you mix the coffee beans by holding the roaster handle with your hand, keeping the ceramic roaster above a hot flame. Note that this of course will not work with an induction heater or electric stove. So you need to use a flame or the like- this hand roaster will work with gas stoves.

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I really like this ceramic coffee bean roaster for a couple of reasons. First, it is extremely cheap, costing approximately $30 at the time I bought the roaster. So its a great buy if you are on a budget and if you want to roast your own coffee beans.

Second, by roasting my own coffee, I am able to have extremely fresh coffee. Which allows for improved taste of the coffee drink when prepared. And allows you to be able to enjoy the freshest coffee you can relatively get.

The freshness of the coffee is a big selling point for me because I have a sensitive stomach. If pre-roasted coffee goes even a little bit stale, I can tell pretty easily with gastro-intestinal discomfort. I don’t know why, but my stomach can’t handle food that goes even a little bit bad or stale. So being able to roast coffee on the same day that I drink it allows me to enjoy coffee without symptoms of IBS and painful bowel movements.
— Customer Review —
…It amazes me that it is almost impossible to get anything but black coffee beans and that people actually think they are better. First thing that most people don’t know is that color has nothing to do with caffeine. If you ask people which has more caffeine, Espresso or regular drip coffee they will most likely answer espresso which is wrong. Of all the preparation types espresso is nearly at the bottom when it comes to caffeine. The preparation types that require a soak have the most caffeine and those old percolating coffee pots of old had the most since they ran the water over the coffee over and over and extracted the caffeine better. I like French press which requires a three minute soak and then press. An espresso forces a small amount of water once through the ground coffee and does a great job with flavor but when it comes to caffeine fails. Espresso roast is very dark because of this, it has to be, but it also creates the illusion of more caffeine which is not true. The espresso roast is bitter, try biting into a bean and see what I mean. To compensate for this bitter many people find it necessary to add different flavors. The most simple can be a twist of lemon zest or a concoction of mostly artificial ingredients and frosted milk to make it palatable. The success of some coffee shops not dictates what coffee is all about, but this couldn’t be more further from the truth. Dark roast is the new standard and it is a tragedy because the fine art of coffee is becoming a thing of the past.
The only way to see through the illusion is to roast your own coffee and open your mind to the possibilities that coffee beans don’t have to taste bitter or resemble something closer to charcoal to be good. I was going to purchase another electric roaster and was waiting for my next choice to be released but the memory of the plastic taste be imparted into the roast made me wonder if there was another choice that wouldn’t cost $5000 dollars and be all metal. I was happy to find the answer here with this coffee roaster. I have been a big fan of ceramic cookware from Korea and seeing this model made me wonder if it would work as good as previous roaster. The answer is yes, don’t get me wrong, the quantity is smaller but it roast as good and even better than roasters that cost much more. I love this thing! I can use it almost anywhere, it is small and the quality of my roast has never been better. Even when I went a little longer in the roast, where the bears were dark and sweating it still tasted good. The quick discharge is brilliant for cooling as is the design which is more like an oven. The taste is sooo smooth and after grinding with hand grinder made with ceramic it doesn’t get any better. No more store bought, I am back in control and glad I took a chance in this. It requires little effort to keep clean, I never wash, just use my finger and simple brush to remove chaff. I roast over portable 8000 btu gas stove and I believe that gas is best for roasting. I use a oven mitten for heat issues and roast every other day. Couldn’t be happier.

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