Latte Art Mistakes: This is why your Latte Art fails

Coffee Art
The top 6 latte art mistakes beginner baristas make – and how to fix them.

Perfect latte art doesn’t make the coffee taste any better, but everyone else seems to be pouring beautifully symmetrical hearts, tulips, rosettas & double headed dragons – so why not you?

Paul shares the latte art mistakes he sees day in, day out training baristas at the Coffee Science & Education Centre in Sydney.

Stick around to the end, he also shares a sneaky tip on how to practice faster & waste less milk in the process.

0:00 Intro
1:20 #1 Wrong Texture
1:44 #2 Not setting up the canvas
2:04 #3 Waiting too long
2:20 #4 Pouring Speed
2:55 #5 Wacky Angles
3:26 #6 Pulling through too fast
3:57 Bonus Tip


Milk Texture Tutorial:

Training Courses:

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