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I hope you all know how sad was i with the passing away of Maya. So one of our sister who saw the video of Maya, gave me a sweet puppy thinking that it would make me feel happy with the absence of Maya????. Due to the promise of her, i am unable to mention her, lots of love to ‘saki’ and you..♥️and as well, to you all who loves me without even seeing me physically,you all may have many merits..♥️????When playing with saki also i get absent minded often.Only when i saw my mom i remembered that i was to pluck some coffee..????In the past, houses without a coffee tree was found hardly. But now finding a coffee tree is impossible. Though it is so,there are some coffee trees remaining in our house.It is said that those are planted by our grandfather.It is also stated that there were coffee trees in the whole area. Father also told that there were plenty of coffee to pluck with the availability for two or three bags.Before the appearance of coffee seeds,large whitened flowers can be seen all over the tree.Had a very nice smell in it.In my childhood, i used to pluck them and drink the honey at the end of the flower. There’s no difference now also. It has a very nice pleasant taste..????The fruits in the coffee tree doesn’t get ripened at once. So, have to pluck them time to time and have to wash and put them to get dried under the sun. After they get dried well and when grinded, the coffee seed’s covering gets cracked the coffee seed comes out. After that they should be cleared. As mother came there, that work came to be easy. After frying them and again grinding, we make the coffee. Homemade coffee has a very nice smell, and also has an indeginous effect. Our grandmother used to make medicinal coffee. Though they are absent today, i still remember those valuable things taught by them.I thought of making a dalgona coffee cake because there were homemade coffee too.And i love the taste of it with having bit of bitter.I added grinded brown sugar to it instead icing sugar was to make it remain it’s nutritional value. When the sour taste of orange cover is added to the coffee, the icing also came tastily. Because this cake can be made at a low cost, you all so try it….ok?Nowadays it is very hot and sunny, so i thought of making an ice cream by coffee. God……our father prefers it very much. As the passion fruits in the garden were well ripen, i made the ice cream by using them too. But that idea was my brother’s..????Though whipping cream can be bought from the shops, i used homemade whopping cream with the condensed milk which is also made at home. Though i had an idea of making whipping cream, i used youtube to make it sure. I didn’t think the Passion Coffee collection would fit so well. But I got something wrong. All the kithul honey which i put over the ice cream had gone underneath it. So when y’all make this don’t add honey. While eating the ice cream only add the honey. Definitely add some grinded peanuts for where coffee was added. When the passion seeds are eaten in the ice cream, it gives a very natural nice sour taste. My brother also has very different matchmakings like me.???? Most of the time I only taste the fresh food at first with my mind set. But when I actually make it, I find myself surprised. As i told in the beginning, mom and dad ate everything. Brother told that nothing felt to his tummy though he ate everything.Get more closed to the nature.Live this short life as a great human being. ????May the triple gem bless you..!!Your loved Poorna♥️

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