This Poor Filipino Child Drinks Coffee Instead of Milk Because His Parents are Too Poor. Philippines

Coffee Drinks
Cesar bought 8 sacks of rice to give away for his next documentary film.
I also told him to give cash money and extra food for the next family to reach/help.

Friends, I need your help so we can continue to run this program.
Millions of Filipinos are starving right now due to this government’s lockdown.
The poor are struggling right now because of the total shutdown.
How are the poor going to survive this lockdown?
Livelihoods, businesses, jobs and transportation are in total shutdown.

To anyone who wants to donate/contribute:
Donate through our campaign page.
Our GoFundMe account:
You can also donate through paypal.
Our paypal account is:

Again, we need your continued support…..

Thank you…

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