How To Roast Coffee Beans In A Frying Pan or a Cast Iron Skillet At Home: roasting made easy

You can manually roast batches of small quantities of green raw coffee beans at home to provide a steady supply of freshly roasted coffee. Roasting as it is called, is a dry kind of frying or toasting. Absolutely nothing is added. Done without the help of any machine. Done manually by hand using your skillet, or pan, on your stove or hob. It is essentially heating in a bare pan till the coffee pops like corn pops to become popcorn. The first pop is called the “1st Crack” in coffee circles, and should ideally be reached. After the coffee beans continue getting heated and after it crosses the stage of this 1st crack, it goes silent for a moment and then transitions into a continuous milder popping sound which is known as the “2nd Crack”. Only rarely do you need to roast this long to reach the second crack. Usually just crossing the first crack will do. Thanks for watching. Please also check out the various coffee beans comparison in our other videos. Especially, oven roasting guides

The seeds of the coffee fruit after harvesting and separating from the fruity pulp is called the raw coffee beans. This then needs to be roasted and subsequently ground or even powdered, to make coffee.

For small batch home roasting, the type of pan does not matter. In this video, a French copper pan is used. Cast iron skillets are excellent for heat transfer, however, the oils from the beans can make the skillet eventually smell of coffee. Stainless steel does not have this issue. Copper bottomed or clad stainless steel pans are ideal as it gives ease of maintenance with excellent heat transfer.

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