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Coffee Desserts
I love chocolates and desserts are my first love, I try chocolate desserts whenever possible, be it in the streets of Mumbai, India, cafe’s or a fine dining restaurant.

I visited Coffee by Di Bella and tried their chocolate freak shakes, chocolate waffle and chocolate ice cream croissant.

They are my absolute favourite when it comes to chocolate desserts.

Mumbai Street Food / Indian Street Food are also full of delicious chocolate desserts, be it the western variety (shakes, pastry, cakes, waffle, sundae, cup cakes) or the traditional Indian desserts (kulfi, falooda, gola, methai, halwa).

Biggest and tasty desserts (pastry, cakes, ice cream) challenge have always fascinated me and trying the biggest dessert and indian sweets in my previous videos was a experience to remember.

Biggest Dessert –

Indian Sweets –

(Check these videos out if you haven’t already.)

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