Dalgona Coffee Sinhala|Dalgona Coffee Dessert Sinhala|ඩල්ගෝනා කොෆී ඩෙසර්ට්|DIY

Coffee Desserts
In this video I am going to show you how to make dalgona coffee dessert at home. This is a very easy recipe which explains in Sinhala that you can follow and make a delicious dalgona coffee.

With this dalgona coffee sinhala recipe you can easily make a new dalgona dessert at home. This is somewhat different from original dalgona coffee recipe.
Though its a Korean cool coffee recipe I a have done some modifications to change the taste for SriLankan to give a Sri Lankan recipe

1.4 tablespoons of any kind of instant coffee
2.8 tablespoons of sugar
3.16 wafers biscuits
4.100 ml of milk
5.hot water

1.ඕනෑම ආකාරයක ක්ෂණික කෝපි හැදි 4 ක්
2.සීනි හැදි 8 ක්
3.වේෆර් බිස්කට් 16 ක්
4.කිරි මිලි ලීටර් 100 යි
5.උණු වතුර

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