Breville BCB100 Espresso Coffee Barista Knock Box Review – Best Knockbox Under $30?

Here is my review of the Breville BCB100 Barista Style Knock Box

The BCB100 features a two-piece design, a cast aluminum outer layer/base and an easily removable plastic container with knock beam.

The knock beam is non-removable but very easy to clean and is coated with rubber to reduce the noise.

The aluminum base is heavy and provides a solid footing for when you need to dump your used coffee grounds.

In my opinion, a great buy under $30. You can get it used too for even less.

The size of the knockbox is great for people who make 3-4 shots daily. It can hold a few days worth of grinds before you need to dump it out. For people who make 1-2 shots per day, the smaller $20 Breville BES001XL Knock Box Mini, maybe a better buy.

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