Tips For Buying Coffee Beans

In today’s video, Cath Seay talks about buying coffee beans and what to look for. It can be hard to buy coffee beans if you don’t buy a lot of coffee and don’t know where to start, so we put together a quick guide to help you.

What do you look for when buying coffee beans? Leave your comments below, we would love to hear from you!

What does it say about the origin of the coffee? It’s not enough for us to just know if the coffee is from Brazil, Colombia or Ethiopia. We should know more specifics about where that coffee is coming from.

It’s not enough just to know if the coffee is 100% Arabica coffee beans or Robusta coffee beans, because Arabica and Robusta are two completely different species of coffee. We should know what variety of Arabica coffee the coffee is.

The way that the coffee is processed can have a profound impact on how the coffee tastes. So have a look to see if mentions if it’s Washed, Natural, Honey-Processed or another type of process.

Once the coffee is roasted, it starts to oxidise and will eventually go stale (and it won’t be good to drink anymore). Usually around 3 months is the optimum time to drink coffee.

It goes without saying, at this point, that buying whole beans is paramount. We really really recommend investing in a coffee grinder, so that you can grind coffee fresh.

Finally, have a look at the tasting notes of the coffee. The roaster will have written down what the flavour characteristics of that coffee is, and it’s there to help you decide whether or not you might like it.



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