MONIN Coffee Masterclass: Brewing Coffee Drinks

Coffee Drinks
Double World Coffee in Good Spirits Champion Dan Fellows shows how to make coffee-based drinks at home, including flavoured iced lattes, a luxurious Popcorn Affogato, and a refreshing Pink Peppercorn Coffee Tonic.

Flavoured Iced Latte
– Double espresso: 18g coffee | 40g yield
– 15ml MONIN syrup (e.g. Macadamia, Salted Caramel, Vanilla)
– 150ml milk or alternative milk

Popcorn Affogato (makes two drinks)
– Aeropress: 20g coffee | 100g water at 96 degrees | 1 minute steep | fine grind
– Combine coffee with 20ml MONIN Popcorn syrup and mix
– Pour over quality vanilla ice cream

Pink Peppercorn Coffee Tonic
– Pourover / Clever Dripper: 20g coffee | 240g water at 96 degrees | 2 minute 30 second contact time | medium grind
– Combine 50ml brewed coffee with 10ml MONIN Pink Peppercorn syrup
– Top with 100ml tonic water

Drink Responsibly.

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