PSFMer – Coffee Beans [Drumfunk]

PSFMer has been so dedicated with both pony music and pony SFM art, it’s my great pleasure to be able to feature him again at the party for the occasion of the release of the all-new compilation album “Immersion” from Equinity!!

Whether you browse through PSFMer’s YouTube channel or DeviantArt gallery, you will be amazed by so many quality pony tributes over the years! And they’re only tasting better with time, as the dedicated musician & SFM artist is showing no signs of stopping! Powering up more and more on the musical side of things, PSFMer went for a mystical and dreamy route for his contribution to Equinity’s new compilation album that just dropped, and perhaps it is fitting to the submarine vibes from the title and cover art of the album! As we linger in the bliss of all the sounds all around us in this cozy yet enthralling atmosphere, we can’t help continuing our exploration of those soundscapes along the voices in the song, and the deeper we dive, the more we marvel at the lulling synths coming to guide our way down the rabbit hole. Now available among many other amazing tracks, on Equinity 04 Immersion!

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Art by Mintkly
wallpaper edit:

Do you know what it feels like when you dive underwater? It’s a feeling of slipping without falling. The hardest thing is when you’re at the bottom. Because… you have to find a good reason to come back up… and I have a hard time finding one.
(Reference intended)

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