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I messed up when I made Irish Coffee a while back here and today I’m fixing that. Plus two more amazing coffee drinks.

Traditional Irish Coffee:
In glass
2 demerara sugar cubes
6 oz. or 180 ml. Coffee
1 1/3 oz -or- 40 ml Irish Wiskey (Greg uses Tullamore Dew)
Pour heavy cream into shaker and dry shake
Float cream on top

Mr Black Cold Brew Coffee:
In mixing glass or over ice
1.5 oz. -or- 45 ml. Whiskey (Greg uses Powers)
3 oz -or- 90 ml. Mr Black
Crack in some ice and stir
Pour over ice cube
Express orange over drink
Float half and half
Garnish with expressed orange peel

Scotch Coffee:
Build in glass (Mr Black enamel mug if you have one)
Put ice in glass
.5 oz. or 15 ml. simple syrup
1 oz. or 30 ml. Scotch (Greg uses Compass Box Great King Street Glasgow Blend)
2 oz. or 60 ml. Mr Black
2 – 4 Dashes of Angostura Cocoa Bitters
Add half and half if you prefer

Mr. Black (use code GREG):
Bad Irish Coffee:

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