Raw & Honest Sunbeam EM5000 Café Barista Coffee Machine review. Not too serious some lolz

For the last 4 years the Sunbeam Cafe barista machine has provided our family with our caffeine fix each day.
I truly have a lot of respect for the Sunbeam brand and the products they make.
This review highlights that this is an entry level coffee machine that does not produce award winning coffees. At the same time, the ritual of using this machine and the end product is better than what you get throwing some Nescafe blend 43 or International Roast to your cup and adding hot water.
I have been impressed with the reliability of this machine over a fairly long period of time. 4 years is impressive considering it cost under 200 dollars. I think you can find it will cost you (in 2020) around 180-200 dollars you may even be able to pick up one for a better price than the above!
The milk frother is a bit questionable and is far more suited to making baby cinos as opposed to providing milk for your latte or cappuccino
Kids will find the milk frother entertaining. Personally our ‘knob’ has not worked effectively in terms of controlling milk flow.
We all know there’s nothing good about having a useless knob in your life!
‘oooooohhhh you’re preaching to the converted there my brother’
I hope that you find the video ‘entertaining’ and a touch informative. I am very aware that I have not used the technical vocabulary that would be appropriate for such a presentation. please forgive me for my low level coffee vocabulary.
We do recommend the coffee, herb, spice grinder- it was around 50 to 60 dollars (from memory). It’s nice to grind your own beans (not gears) and get that beautiful odour. In fact, I think the odour is the best part of the whole process!

We shall continue to upload videos on different topics.
In the meantime take care of yourself and as Ellen would say ‘be kind to each other’ Thanks Ellen 😉
Thanks to ‘The Pob’ for support with this vid x

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