Sydney’s Barista Life Part-2! I QUIT MYJOB!

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Yes, I QUIT my job today!
As most of you know, I’ve been studying and learning about how to be a better barista since I was 19. It’s been an intense, but extremely rewarding experience. Over the last 5 years as a barista, I’ve made many new friends in the coffee industry, had exciting new experiences, and even gained a few new skills (that will be vital in my new job). For me, working at a coffee shop was always about helping people in ways that I could; making them happier and more productive (listening, teaching, showing knowledge) helped me stay motivated).

Yes, I’m not working as a full-time barista anymore, BUT I will always be your online barista. I will try my best to share the beautiful Aussie coffee culture with you guys! I want to thank you all for supporting me throughout this whole thing. I plan on making more videos, doing tutorials, and collaborating with coffee shops! So, stay tuned for more awesome videos 🙂

If you’re around Town Hall Station, Sydney CBD, don’t forget to stop by at Two Black Sheep Town Hall and try their coffee! My favourite things from the shop are a strong latte and a taro latte! 🙂

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