FIVE BARISTA HACKS using the Steam Wand on a Coffee Machine

Steam wand in a milk bottle. Toothpick in a steam wand. No it’s not madness! Here’s five great barista hacks using the steam wand on your espresso machine that you’re going to love. These tips will save you time, money, wastage and make your coffee making process a whole lot easier.

Are you the kind of coffee shop that has trouble with piles of empty milk cartons taking up space? Do you know how to steam and polish your latte glasses? Would you like to get loads of hot water fast without draining your coffee machines boiler? Are you struggling texture milk properly because you have too much steam pressure? Are you damaging your steam wand with your current cleaning process?

Jimmy has hacks to solve all of those little barista problems for you!

We hope you enjoy the video and the tips we have for you here. If you have any of your own hacks to share please drop them in the comments below. We’d sure love to hear them!

Thanks for watching!

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