How To Make A Chilling Iced Coffee: Grind Settings, Coffee Beans, And More

As for the grounds in an iced coffee, different sizes work best with different brewing methods whether you’re brewing for cold or hot coffee, so feel free to experiment. Generally speaking, these are the guidelines for grind size by the method:

Pour Over: Medium Grind
Chemex: Medium Coarse Grind
Aeropress: Fine Grind
French Press: Coarse Grind
Cold Brew: Coarse Grind

Just like with your grind and roast, the overall best coffee beans for your iced coffee is really going to depend on what method you are using to brew in the first place. However, we have gone ahead and picked some of our favorites for making this type of refreshing brew.

For a large batch of iced coffee, we like to use the OXO Cold Brew mentioned above, but a simple Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker is a great alternative. Here’s how it works:

1. Fill the pitcher with water up to the indicated water line (use filtered water if possible). Then, pour the water into the reservoir on the Iced Tea Maker.

2. Now, fill the pitcher with ice up to the indicated ice line. Place the steeping basket on top of the pitcher and insert a fresh coffee filter.

3. To make 2 quarts of iced coffee, measure 210 grams of whole beans or 14 tablespoons of ground coffee to the steeping basket with the filter. If you’re grinding the beans yourself (you are grinding the beans yourself, right?), use a medium-coarse grind.

4. Once the steeping basket and pitcher are ready to go, put on the steeping lid and make sure the lever on the steeping basket is in the up position to allow the coffee to drain straight into the pitcher.

5. Plug it in, turn it on, and watch it brew. The maker will brew it hot, then filter it through the ice to cool it quickly. The machine will turn off automatically once the coffee is finished brewing.

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