How to make Coffee & Coconut Jelly dessert

Coffee Desserts
Love all things coffee?

Check out my recipe for making one of the most popular summer desserts to cool off during the hot summer day. Coffee – coconut agar jelly is the refreshing summertime treat that can be found in many Asian cafes and bubble tea restaurants. This chilled coffee agar jelly with coconut cream is refreshing, slightly sweet, light, and a bit bitter.
It’s a simple and delicious dessert and also one of favorite gifts to give on special occasions.
It’s commonly served in a coffee cup topped with whipped cream or you also can cut coffee jelly into small pieces and submerged in cold drink like bubble tea.
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I hope you’ve enjoyed this easy how-to video. Give it a try for your next family gatherings.

Ingredients for making coffee & coconut agar jelly:
1. Agar agar powder: 10 g
2. Combination of filtered coffee and instant coffee: 200 ml
3. Condensed milk: 60 g
4. Coconut cream: 200 ml
5. Vanilla extract: 1 tsp
6. Sugar: 150 g
7. A little bit of salt
8. Water: 800 ml

Good luck

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