Taiwanese Desserts Cafes and Street Food in Ximending Taipei Taiwan – vlog #045 part 1

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If you’re looking for things to do in Taipei, today I’ll be exploring through Ximending 西门町 which is a popular area for shopping, fashion, and hangout spot in Taipei. This place reminded me of Harujuku or Shibuya when I was in Japan since I saw so many western stores that I recognized, trendy places to eat at, younger crowds, and also street food vendors all around. There’s even a Ximending Night Market here as well if you decide to come in the evening. I’m a huge fan of eating sweets and I actually bookmarked many Taiwanese dessert shops and cafes that I wanted to visit in the area! So if you’re looking for some places to visit or where to eat in Ximending here are some delicious dessert spots in Taipei!

The first place that we are heading too is a popular soup place in the area which is Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle in Ximending. You will know when you are close if you see tons of people eating soup all over the street. The lines may look long, but they move pretty quickly. The soup here is really good and has lots of thin rice flour noodles in a tangy sweet seafood broth. This is the only dish that they make here and their signature dish is a must try here!

The next place that we are heading to is Sharetea which is a Taiwanese bubble tea or boba tea shop. They have many locations in Taiwan and some worldwide. You definetly have to get bubbletea in Taiwan if you are here. Bobatea originated in Taiwan so I would recommend you trying out a cup whether you go here or one of the many other shops in Taipei. The drinks here are all milk or fruit teas with tapioca pearls (boba) inside. I really enjoyed my Pearl Black Tea here, the boba itself was by far better then the restaurants back home in the midwest. The boba was slightly chewy, bouncy, and still soft and the Pearl Black Tea was very rich and flavorful.

The third place that we will head to is Dream Color which has vibrant and beautiful drinks here. I originally wanted this just for a picture on instagram, and saw that they had a butterfly pea flower tea here. This was my first time having it and I really enjoyed it, the butterfly tea is floral and sweet in the drink. I would come here again to try out another drink.

In Ximending there is a big arts & crafts area called the The Red House. This place is a historical landmark that has changed in its use throughout the years, but now it is big arts & craft area where local designers, artist can promote their goods. Connected to the Red House is the creative boutique which has even more art pieces and shops inside. If you enjoy art, there’s tons of murals & street art in the neighborhood, so be on the lookout while you explore the area.

There’s a few other places that I tried in the area, but one that I want to call out is Snow King. This place has been here for over 70 years and has a immense list of ice cream flavors. If you come here you might be overwhelmed since there are over 20 flavors on their menu! There are so many flavors that I never even heard of, so check this place out if you. We’re going to be trying some ice cream flavors like Pork Floss ice cream.

Stay tuned for part 2, I’ll be heading to Ningxia Night Market next for some Taiwanese Street Food.

» Ay-Chung Flour Rice Noodle – Ximending
» Dream Color – Ximending
» Sharetea – Ximending – http://www.1992sharetea.com/index.php
» Aniki Potatoe – Ximending
» Meat Up西门店 – Ximending
» Snow King – Zhongzheng District – http://www.snowking.com.tw/p/english.html

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