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Hello peeps!
Happy Valentines Day & Happy Lunar New Year for you who celebrates it..
I hope you’re spending it with your loved ones, or even if you’re not, I hope you’re happy 🙂

Back again with another Cafe Vlog, hehe..
I’ve been spending days blurring out people’s faces, I don’t think it’s even worth it anymore 😫
But I hope you enjoy this one, please leave positive comments only, or I will remove them 😊
I want this space to be a safe and happy space for everyone who craves for coffee shop ambience, want to learn new barista skills, or just to satisfy their soul, and relax..

I’ll see you on my next one, byeeee~


What is this Cafe?
✨ This cafe is called Gordon Espresso
Where is this Cafe?
✨ It’s in 71 Coventry St, Southbank, Melbourne
Do you own this Cafe?
✨ No, I’m just working as a barista here
Do you work here full time?
✨ No, I work part-time
What is the espresso machine that you use?
✨ Synesso MVP Hydra
What is the grinder that you use?
✨ House Blend : Mazzer
✨ Single Origin : Victoria Arduino Mythos One
✨ Filter/Decaf : Mahlkonig EK 43
What beans that you use?
✨ Dark Horse from Five Senses
What is the green thing that you use for dosing? Where can I get one?
Why are you taking a bit of the coffee grounds out?
✨ The coffee recipe requires 23gr dose of the coffee ground, and most of the time, the grinder is being inaccurate, either giving me too much or too little, so I have to scoop it out 🙂
Where are you from?
✨ Indonesia
How to find a Barista work in Australia if I’m from another country?
✨ You have to obtain a visa that allows you to come, stay & work in here first, then you can apply for a Barista job. Most people from other countries (I was too) use Work & Holiday Visa.


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