5+ Matcha Inspired Desserts That Will Convert Any Coffee Lover | Tastemade Japan

Coffee Desserts
From matcha cheesecake to matcha s’mores, these creative desserts are a matcha made in heaven!

Fluffy Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake – https://bit.ly/39HhGZW
Frozen Matcha S’mores Milkshake – https://bit.ly/2tRcUYT
Matcha Ganache Tarts – https://bit.ly/3fSvLHC
Matcha Mini-Crepes with Mochi – https://bit.ly/2MHiMgD
Matcha Green Tea Bullseye Cheesecake – https://bit.ly/3meprfK
Easy Matcha Tiramisu – https://bit.ly/2ogontx
Matcha Baumkuchen Brulee – https://bit.ly/2esKFcD
Rich Matcha Crepe Roll – https://bit.ly/3bDXbNQ
Matcha Pie Pastry Horn with Cream Filling – https://bit.ly/35x1eKO ”


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